Dublin At Night

Discover Legendary Pubs In Dublin – 2 Days To Pub Crawl The Best

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a city brimming with history and culture and is known for its renowned pubs in Dublin. With just 48 hours to explore, planning is key to making the most of your visit. This guide will help you discover the best of Dublin, ensuring you see, do, eat, and drink the highlights of this vibrant city.

Day 1: Discovering Dublin’s Historic Heart

Pubs In Dublin

Morning: A Stroll Through Time

Begin your Dublin adventure with a walk through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar. This area is famous for its lively nightlife and cultural institutions, such as the Gallery of Photography and the Irish Film Institute.

  • Visit the Book of Kells at Trinity College, an illuminated manuscript that is a masterpiece of medieval art.
  • Stroll through the college’s historic grounds and take in the grandeur of the Long Room Library.

Afternoon: Cultural Immersion and Gastronomic Delights

Dublin Castle

After soaking up the academic atmosphere, head to Dublin Castle, a significant historical site that was once the seat of English rule in Ireland. Explore the State Apartments and the Viking Excavation beneath the castle.

  • Lunch at a nearby café, such as Queen of Tarts, where you can enjoy savory pies and sweet treats.
  • Post-lunch, visit the Chester Beatty Library, which houses a remarkable collection of manuscripts, rare books, and artifacts from around the world.

Evening: Pub Culture and Live Music

The Famous Temple Bar - Pubs In Dublin
The Famous Temple Bar

No visit to Dublin would be complete without experiencing its pub culture. Start your evening at The Brazen Head, Ireland’s oldest pub, dating back to 1198.

– Enjoy a hearty Irish meal, such as beef, Guinness stew, or fish and chips.
– Cap off the night with live traditional Irish music at a pub like The Cobblestone in Smithfield.

Day 2: Exploring Modern Dublin

Dublin Canal

Morning: A Taste of Contemporary Dublin

Grand Canal Dock Dublin
Grand Canal Dock Dublin

Kick off your second day with breakfast at a trendy spot like The Fumbally, known for its fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

  • After breakfast, take a walk to the Grand Canal Dock, an area that showcases Dublin’s modern architecture and is home to tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Afternoon: Literary Pilgrimage and Retail Therapy

Grafton Street

Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature, so a visit to the Dublin Writers Museum is a must for book lovers.

  • Follow this with a trip to Grafton Street, Dublin’s premier shopping district, where you can find everything from high street brands to local crafts.
  • Take a break in St Stephen’s Green, a Victorian public park, perfect for a relaxing stroll or a picnic.

Evening: Culinary Exploration

Fish &Amp; Chips &Amp; Shepherds Pie
Fish & Chips & Shepherds Pie

For your final evening, indulge in Dublin’s food scene, which has reentered in recent years.

  • Book a table at Chapter One, a 2-star Michelin-starred restaurant offering modern Irish cuisine. Mickael Viljanen’s basement restaurant exudes style and elegance and is adorned with captivating artwork. The impeccable service enhances a dining experience centered on premium luxury ingredients, seamlessly blending classic French techniques with subtle modern nuances. Mickael’s inventive spirit and character are evident in flawlessly balanced dishes that are exquisitely executed, showcasing sublime natural flavors and stunning presentations. The ‘Irish Coffee,’ prepared tableside, encapsulates the memorable experience that defines this exceptional establishment.
  • Alternatively, explore the eateries in the Creative Quarter on South William Street, where you can find a range of dining options to suit any palate.

Eating and Drinking Like a Local

Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse

Throughout your stay, make sure to sample some of Dublin’s local delicacies and beverages:

  • Irish Whiskey: Visit the Jameson Distillery for a tour and tasting.
  • Craft Beer: Check out the Guinness Storehouse or local craft breweries like The Porterhouse.
  • Seafood: Dublin Bay prawns and Irish smoked salmon are a must-try.
  • Artisan Cheese: Ireland produces some excellent cheeses – look out for them on menus or in local markets.

Discover the Pubs In Dublin Experience

In just 48 hours, you can capture the essence of Dublin by immersing yourself in its history, culture, and gastronomy. From the city center’s historic landmarks to the Docklands’ modern buzz, The pubs of Dublin offers a blend of experiences that cater to all tastes. Remember to engage with the locals, as their warmth and stories are what truly bring the city to life. Whether you’re raising a pint in a centuries-old pub or savoring contemporary Irish cuisine, your time in Dublin is sure to be unforgettable.