Thriller By Michael Jackson

3 Of The Best Selling Pop Albums of All Time

Music is the global language of emotion, capable of transcending boundaries and touching souls far and wide. When looking at the best selling pop albums, you can get a hint of the culture and vibe. Among its many genres, Pop music stands out for its vast appeal, mesmerizing rhythms, and sheer magical ability to narrate stories in a way that resonates with everyone, regardless of age or nationality.

Regarding Pop, several iconic albums have dominated the charts and touched millions of lives over the decades. Among these are Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ Tony Bennett: The Beat Of My Heart in 1957, and Adele’s ‘21’ – two masterpiece albums that not only defined their era but also left an undeniable impact on the fabric of global Pop culture.

What Makes A Top-Selling Pop Album?

Pop albums define generations and are more than just collections of songs. What makes an album a chart-topping, record-breaking phenomenon? Is it the lyrics, the producer’s touch, or the artist’s talent? Let’s uncover the core elements that make a pop album successful. Discover what makes an album sell like hotcakes.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Pop Star Doing The Moon Walk - Best Selling Pop Albums

Ah, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson – an international symbol and true legend. His dance moves, his crystal clear voice, his awe-inspiring charm; he was the personification of pure talent. And the wonder of Michael Jackson wasn’t just his undeniable ability to perform, oh no. He was a true visionary, a stylistic pioneer, and his fashion sense was often as admirable as his musical prowess.

Take for instance the infamous “Thriller” music video. Created in 1983, it set a precedent for music videos and it also gave us some serious style goals. The iconic red leather jacket with the wide, pointed shoulder pads became an international symbol. It was more than a fashion statement; it was an emblem of an era, a personification of fierce determination and creativity, encapsulating the essence of the ’80s.

His high water pants paired with stark white socks and glittering loafers became another signature look. It was this distinctive ensemble that assisted in highlighting his signature Moonwalk and sharp, angular dance movements. Now, who else has the power to make gloves and fedora hats look so fashionable, so effortlessly cool?

The most incredible aspect is that MJ didn’t just wear these outfits for his performances. He wove this into his daily attire, embodying his stage persona at every moment. Even in his quietest, personal moments, his style remained uniquely MJ.

His make-up was always fabulously on point, too. His unapologetically heavy kohl-lined eyes and his glossy lips would inspire many high-fashion beauty looks in the years to follow. And let’s not forget the signature curls, that were always absolutely perfect.

Despite his untimely demise, Michael’s fashion sense continues to influence designers and stylists worldwide. Generations have tried to imitate, but nobody can duplicate the original and best—our beloved King of Pop.

You might be left pondering, “How can I bring a touch of Michael Jackson into my wardrobe?” Remember, it’s all about boldness, taking risks, and, most importantly, creating your own signature style. And when you do, you’re not just keeping alive the flamboyant fashion trends of the King of Pop; you’re continuing his legacy of fearless self-expression and creative ingenuity. Because that’s the power of a true icon, right? Not just to inspire us while they’re here but to live on through us in continually evolving forms of inspiration. And that’s the Thriller!

Tony Bennett’s The Beat Of My Heart 1957

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Tony Bennett’s album “The Beat Of My Heart” from 1957 is a remarkable project where the young Bennett collaborated with a host of esteemed jazz musicians, including six drummers—hence the album’s title and thematic focus. The record showcases Bennett’s versatile vocal talent, giving definitive interpretations of songs by legendary composers like Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.

The album blurs the lines between pop and jazz, contributing significantly to both genres. It’s noted for its energetic and lively performances, capturing a spry and charmingly appealing side of Bennett that audiences have adored for generations. The inclusion of so many prominent drummers not only influenced the rhythmic backbone of the album but also its thematic exploration of rhythm as a central element of music.

At this stage in his career, Bennett had already demonstrated the vocal prowess and emotive storytelling that would become his hallmarks. “The Beat Of My Heart” stands out for its innovative approach to jazz and pop standards, presenting them in a way that was fresh at the time and still resonates with audiences today

21 by Adele

British Pop Star

Shifting our focus from the King of Pop, we find ourselves drawn to the soulful, stunning, and, let’s be honest, sartorially splendid Adele.

This British powerhouse is not just a vocal sensation but also a fashion goddess who, like MJ, has an innate ability to merge her on-stage persona with her off-stage style. Truly an artist who understands the couture of sound and style.

Adele’s modish clothing choices are as much a part of her narrative as her emotionally charged numbers. Her preference for black, whether in sweeping floor-length gowns or structured midi dresses, plays a significant role in framing her look. With this not-so-basic color, she effortlessly juxtaposes her vibrant personality against a rich, dark canvas of sophistication and elegance.

Beyond her love for the noir palette, Adele’s fashion story is one of timeless allure. Often seen in vintage, sculpted outfits, her style resonates with a golden-age Hollywood vibe. With plunging necklines and cinched waists, her signature dresses enhance her curvy figure. Think Marilyn Monroe meeting Audrey Hepburn but with a contemporary twist.

No Adele’s ensemble is complete without her signature bouffant. This elegant hairstyle pulls together her entire look, adding a dash of grandeur and a pinch of retro vibe to her clothing. Combined with the perfect cat-eye liner, she achieves a sublime balance of past and present, with a hint of theatrical drama to accentuate her powerful ballads.

Is it possible to implement Adele’s style into our everyday lives? Absolutely, and it doesn’t necessarily involve investing in haute couture. Here’s the trick: Embrace black, but remember, silhouette is key. A well-tailored black dress can be as captivating as a thousand-dollar designer piece. Play with exciting cuts and lengths that flatter your figure – think structured coats, fit and flare dresses, even wide-leg jumpsuits. Next, don’t forget the hair and makeup: a teased-up bouffant for special occasions or a simple half updo for your day-to-day style, paired with minimalist makeup and a dash of eyeliner. And voila, you’ve successfully channeled Adele!

Adele’s appeal, much like MJ’s, transcends boundaries. As an epitome of grace, resiliency, talent, and timeless style, she too, in her unique way, reinvents the wheel of fashion, leaving an indelible impression on both the music and style scene. Her individualistic style mantra echoes the same sentiment as that of MJ’s: express yourself fearlessly, and to thine own self, be true.

Final Thoughts On Best Selling Pop Albums

Indeed, pop music would not be the same without these titan albums that have dramatically redefined the pop music scene. The extraordinary success of ‘Thriller’ and ’21’ is a testament to their universal appeal and timeless nature. They transcend the barriers of time, narrating stories and emotions that are universally felt and appreciated. These albums are more than just music; they are iconic cultural phenomena that have influenced many artists and listeners. Immersing yourself in these albums will enrich your musical repertoire and give you a deeper understanding of Pop music’s history and sheer power.


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