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How Many Spells Can a Wizard Know? – 4 Insightful Thoughts

The answer is easy: How many spells can a wizard know? A lot.

Magic in D&D is complicated. There is no getting around that. When it comes to spells and spell-casting, there are a lot of things to consider. Wizards are complicated as they get when it comes to spells because they can potentially learn so many. The Wizard can learn every spell listed under the Wizard’s spell list.

Learn & Prepare A Wizards Spells

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Players continuously find the Wizard class confusing – specifically, how they can get spells. Spell casting classes in 5e have to either learn spells or prepare spells. This acts as a way to limit the power of spell-casting classes. Either you’re a Cleric, and you need to prepare 5 or so spells from your entire spell list so that you can use them that day. Or you’re a Sorcerer, and you have about 7 spells on your character sheet, all of which you can cast in a day, as long as you have the spell slots for it. Wizards are different; they have to learn and prepare spells.

There Are Really No Limits For a Prepared Wizard

I’m curious, why is there a limit on the number of spells one can know? Wizards, for example, don’t have such a limit and their spells are known for their immense power.

“When you find a Wizard spell of 1st level or higher, you can add it to your spellbook if it is of a spell level you can prepare and if you can spare the time to decipher and copy it.”

– Player’s Handbook

This means that if you are playing a Wizard and you find a spell out in the world, you can add it to your spell list as long as you spend the time and money to do so. But only if you are of a high enough level to do so.

Prepare It First – How Many Spells Can a Wizard Know?

How Many Spells Can A Wizard Know?

But what about preparing the spell? After a Wizard has the spell in their spellbook, they can prepare it. You can prepare a number of spells equal to your INT modifier + your Wizard level. So a level 5 Wizard with a +4 (18) INT modifier can prepare 9 spells.

Do bear in mind that Wizards start with six 1st-level spells and learn two spells every time they level up. So, whenever you need an answer to a problem, a wizard could potentially know it. These kinds of spells are powerful but sometimes never used, like a spell for the ability to run underwater. But this is often not enough, and DMs need to remember the one thing Wizards do is know spells. (So give your wizards scrolls!)

We all know, a player’s choice when it comes to class is very personal. If someone picks a barbarian, they want to hit monsters. If a player chooses Wizard, it’s all about the spells. Let them go ahead and enjoy the class they picked.

How Many Spells Can a Wizard Know in D&D 5e?

An Enchanting Wizard And Girl
An Enchanting Wizard and Girl

The Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) world is filled with magic, mystery, and mighty spells, especially for characters like wizards. But how many spells can a wizard actually know in D&D 5e? Let’s delve into it.


At the first level, a wizard begins with a foundational knowledge of magic, which allows them to know three cantrips. These are the simplest spells used for minor magical effects and tasks.

As the wizard progresses and reaches higher levels, they gain the ability to learn additional cantrips. However, there is a limit to the number of cantrips a wizard can know at a given time, which is set at six. This limitation means a wizard must choose their cantrips carefully to suit their character’s abilities and the challenges they will likely face in their adventures.

Prepared Spells

In addition to cantrips, a wizard can also prepare more complex spells, starting with six at the first level. These spells can be critical assets for a wizard, aiding them in combat, exploration, and interaction scenarios.

As a wizard gains experience and levels up, their capacity to prepare spells also increases. The number of prepared spells is not random but is rather calculated based on the wizard’s Intelligence modifier combined with their wizard level.

For example, consider a fifth-level wizard with an Intelligence score of 16. Such a wizard can prepare 11 spells. These could be any combination of 1st-level, 2nd-level, and 3rd-level spells, as long as the total number of prepared spells doesn’t exceed 11. This versatility allows wizards to customize their magical arsenal according to their needs and the specific challenges they anticipate.

Final Thought How Many Spells Can A Wizard Know

An Enchantress Rests
An Enchantress rests

In conclusion, a wizard in D&D 5e has the potential to know every wizard spell in the game, though they can only prepare a limited number at any given time. The wizard’s Intelligence modifier and their wizard level determine the exact number of prepared spells. The combination of these factors ensures that no two wizards are alike and that each can bring a unique array of magical skills to the gaming table. This intricate system underscores the depth of D&D’s gameplay, making every wizard’s journey a uniquely magical adventure.

The question “How Many Spells Can a Wizard Know?” has been debated since the dawn of time. To any of you “rules lawyers” out there … Yes, wizards can know more spells. In the first place, some races can give you spells outside of your wizard spell list. In addition, if you are multiclass into Cleric or Druid, you technically learn all the spells that you are a high enough level for. But, basically, Wizards can know a lot of spells.

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