Dnd 5E Weapon Of Warning

What is the DND 5e Weapon of Warning?

The “Weapon of Warning” in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) is a magical item that provides several benefits to the wielder and their allies. It’s a common magic item found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, making it relatively accessible in most campaigns. Here are the key aspects of the DND 5e Weapon of Warning:


The Weapon of Warning can be any weapon type, such as a sword, axe, or bow. It’s enchanted to provide alerts and advantages in combat situations. The weapon has an aura of caution and vigilance.

Magical Properties

Weapon Of Warning
  1. Alertness: The primary feature of the Weapon of Warning is its ability to alert the wielder and their allies to danger. While this weapon is on your person, you have advantage on initiative rolls. Additionally, you and your companions within 30 feet of you can’t be surprised, except when incapacitated by something other than nonmagical sleep.
  2. Wakefulness: If you are sleeping, the weapon can wake you up when danger is near. This makes it particularly useful for adventurers who need to rest in potentially dangerous locations.

Utility in Gameplay

  • Initiative Advantage: Having advantage on initiative rolls means that the wielder is more likely to act earlier in combat, which can be crucial in gaining the upper hand against opponents.
  • Preventing Surprise Attacks: The inability to be surprised is incredibly beneficial. In D&D, surprise rounds can be devastating, especially against higher-level enemies or in ambush situations. This weapon helps ensure that the party can always react to threats.
  • Versatile Use: Because the Weapon of Warning can be any type of weapon, it can be tailored to fit any character’s fighting style, whether they prefer melee or ranged combat.

Role-Playing Considerations

  • Flavor and Lore: A Weapon of Warning might be a family heirloom, a gift from a mentor, or a relic found in a forgotten temple. Its constant vigilance could be explained by a bound spirit, a divine blessing, or a powerful enchantment.
  • Character Development: Possessing a Weapon of Warning can influence a character’s behavior, making them more cautious and strategic. It might also create interesting dynamics within the party, as the character becomes the unofficial lookout or guardian.


Imagine a rogue character who values stealth and awareness. A dagger of warning would fit perfectly, allowing them to detect threats early and maintain the element of surprise against their enemies.

Can the Weapon of Warning detect invisible creatures or hidden threats?

The Weapon of Warning does not specifically detect invisible creatures or hidden threats. Its primary function is to prevent the wielder and their allies from being surprised. This means that if an encounter is about to start and an invisible or hidden creature would normally cause a surprise round, the Weapon of Warning ensures that the wielder and allies within 30 feet are aware of the danger and can act in the initiative order. However, it doesn’t reveal the exact location or nature of the threat; it just prevents the surprise condition.

Does the Weapon of Warning work if it’s not actively being held or wielded?

The Weapon of Warning needs to be on the wielder’s person to grant its benefits. This means it doesn’t necessarily have to be actively held in hand but should be carried or worn in a way that it is easily accessible (e.g., sheathed at the hip, strapped to the back). As long as the weapon is on the wielder’s person, it provides advantage on initiative rolls and prevents the party from being surprised.

Does the Weapon of Warning wake up all party members or just the wielder when danger is near?

The Weapon of Warning specifically wakes up the wielder if they are sleeping and danger is near. It doesn’t automatically wake up all party members. However, since the wielder is alerted to the danger, they can then take action to wake up their companions. This makes it particularly useful for ensuring that the party is not caught off guard while resting, but the responsibility to alert others still falls on the awakened wielder.

Final Thoughts About DND 5e Weapon of Warning

The Weapon of Warning is a versatile and useful magical item in D&D 5e, providing significant tactical advantages and enriching role-playing opportunities. Its ability to alert the party to danger and prevent surprise attacks makes it a valuable asset for any adventuring group. Whether used in combat or for narrative purposes, it enhances the game by adding layers of strategy and character development.


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