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Crazy Marijuana Laws: Is Marijuana Legal in Washington, DC? – Yes?, No? Maybe So!

Are you concerned about marijuana laws in Washington, DC? Can adults 21 and older possess and grow their cannabis? Additionally, adults can exchange gifts of up to one ounce of flower or its equivalent in edibles and concentrates.

Marijuana Laws

However, recreational sales are still prohibited in Washington, DC. However, illegal “gifting” outlets, where clients purchase a small token item in exchange for “free” Marijuana and marijuana-related or weed products, are still quite successful in the city.

Although, Marijuana remains illegal on government property. In Washington, DC, the federal government controls nearly one-third of the total land area, including government and military structures, national parks like Rock Creek Park and the National Mall, and military installations. People caught with weed in Washington, DC, in these locations may be subject to federal fines because it is still prohibited by federal marijuana laws still on the books.

How marijuana law in DC came to be?

Through Initiative 59, the people of DC decided to legalize medical Marijuana/Cannabis in 1998. However, Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia swiftly used the controversial Barr Amendment to prevent DC from enacting the program.

The amendment made it unlawful to “conduct any ballot initiative which seeks to legalize or otherwise reduce penalties associated with the possession, use, or distribution of any Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act or any tetrahydrocannabinol derivative.”

It was tacked onto the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act. Congress finally lifted the restriction in 2009.

DC Council approved the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Amendment Act in 2010. It created rules for dispensaries and clarified the legislation’s provisions from 1998. For medical patients, the law set a two-ounce possession restriction. It was in 2013 that the first medical dispensary opened.

Any disease that a doctor thinks could be treated with medical Marijuana is now eligible for a medical card under the Medical Marijuana Expansion Emergency Amendment Act of 2014.

The recreational marijuana ballot initiative, Initiative 71, was adopted in 2015. Up to six plants, including up to three mature ones, may be grown by people.

People from other states with comparable medical marijuana systems could utilize their identification cards at DC dispensaries as of 2017, thanks to the Medical Marijuana Reciprocity Amendment Act of 2015, which went into force. DC started to recognize medical marijuana cards from any other state in 2019.

Can we smoke weed in Public In Washington, DC?

In Washington, DC, public use is still prohibited. On its website, the Metropolitan Police Department makes it quite clear that it is unlawful to use Marijuana in any way, including holding or carrying lit cigarettes, lit rolls of paper, or other lighted smoking apparatus that include Marijuana.

According to district law, it is still illegal to consume alcohol in public and is subject to up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. However, penalties may differ technically since some parts of Washington, DC, are federal property.

Also, you can think that smoking in public places is neither allowed nor it is ethical. So, consume or smoke only in safe places. The best place to smoke is at your home; no one will ever disturb you or accuse you of anything.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Laws in the National Capital

Knowing the laws and rules of consuming weed is essential before you order weed in Washington, DC. This process was long and arduous but knowing how marijuana laws work is critical. Recreational pot is legal in Michigan and many other states, but pot remains illegal in nearby Ohio.

So, once you are familiar with and know what to order, then visit online dispensaries and place your order for weed delivery in Washington, DC. To flavor your drinks, you can also order other items like black-label THC syrup. It contains concentrated THC, so be sure to keep the dosage low. You can get weed-based items and syrups from online dispensaries in DC. Order from them and get it delivered to your address.

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