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Online Sports Betting Due to Explode in 2023 – (Top Apps Reviewed)

In the past, sports betting was done exclusively in person at a bookie’s shop, an informal pool at work or over the phone. Nowadays, you can bet on your favorite team from anywhere. You don’t even have to leave your couch! But why are online sports betting suddenly so popular? And what are some of the pros and cons of this practice?

The Internet Makes Sports Betting Easy

Sports betting is easy, and the Internet makes it even easier. Many sports betting sites, including some of the best online casinos, offer a massive selection of sports bets. You can bet on any sport or competition, and there’s no limit on how much you can bet or win.

There are also many apps for sports betting that allow you to place bets from your phone or tablet at any time, anywhere in the world. These apps make it very easy to place your bet; all you have to do is select an event from a list and choose either ‘win’ or ‘lose’ as your betting option, then click submit! And if that isn’t enough convenience for you… well then, here’s some more: most apps offering this service are free, too, so what are you waiting for?

Online Betting Has Made An Impact On Pro Teams

You’re probably wondering how online sports betting has impacted the industry. Well, the answer is simple: it’s a vast industry. There are billions of dollars being wagered on sporting events yearly, and that number continues to rise as more people get online access and start placing bets in their homes or office. Bets can be placed from anywhere with an internet connection, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t continue growing (with mobile phones getting faster connections each day, it seems inevitable).

Online sports betting has also made other types of gambling more popular too! People who wouldn’t usually be interested in playing poker or blackjack at casinos may find themselves playing these games because they’re available for free online through casinos like [casino name]

You Can Bet On Sports Anywhere with Apps At Any Time

You can bet from anywhere, at any time. Gone are the days of going to the casino or bookmaker and placing your bet. Now, you can do it from your phone or computer anytime and anywhere in the world!

Sports Betting In the UK And Europe

Football, or soccer, is the most popular sport in Europe. It’s also one of the most popular sports in the world. Football betting has been around for years, and it’s now easier than ever to bet on your favorite teams. You can bet online at any of the many sports betting websites available. You can also place your bets in person at sports betting parlor.

There are several places in England where you can find football betting parlors if you want to bet on your favorite team. London is home to several of these establishments, as well as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Liverpool. In Brussels, Belgium, there are several locations where you can place your bets on upcoming games, such as French Ligue 1 matches or English Premier League fixtures. If you’re planning a trip abroad, this could be an excellent way to enjoy some time out while putting money down on which teams will win their next game!

There Are More Sports Betting Options Than Ever Before

In the recent past, there were only a few options for betting on sports. You could bet with your friends over beers or go to a casino and place a bet with the house. These days, however, there are more options than ever before: you can now bet online and play games against other players. And that’s just not limited to betting on sports!

Make Money At Home With Online Sports Betting

If you want to start making money from home with online sports betting, it’s easy. You don’t need a lot of money or experience. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

To start, open an account with one of the many sportsbooks offering free bets when you sign up. Then place your first bet—it doesn’t have to be much! Then wait for the game to start (or finish), watch how your team does, and cash out if they win!

It is estimated that the online betting industry will have reached $1.3 billion by 2021. You’re right if you think that sounds like a lot of money!

With all the money being thrown around in online sports betting, there’s a lot of opportunity for people who want to make money at home with online sports betting. But how can you get started?

Well, it’s simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a sport you love and think you can do well (or even just one where your knowledge is above average).
  2. Find out what kinds of bets are available for this sport on different sites and compare them to decide which offers the best odds for each particular bet type (and also which will be most likely to pay off).
  3. Pick some favorites from each site and start placing your bets!

Scams and Cons With Sports Betting

Online sports betting scams and cons are everywhere, so it’s essential to be extra careful when choosing online sports betting site. Look for a reputable place with good reviews. Ensure that the online sports betting site you’re considering is licensed and regulated or has a good reputation.

Betting Online For Sports Is Becoming Legal In More Locations

You might have noticed that online sports betting is legal in some places and illegal in others. It’s true: not every country allows online sports betting. But the countries that do allow it to be legal have different systems for regulating the industry.

In these countries, online sports betting is regulated by government agencies such as the Gaming Commission or Lotteries Commission. These organizations are responsible for licensing and overseeing all legitimate sites and monitoring them for compliance with regulations like age limits, tax obligations, and anti-money laundering measures so that everyone involved is playing fair games.* Illegal operations don’t receive this license or oversight — they’re not licensed or monitored by any third party—and therefore aren’t subject to any rules about how they should operate their businesses.*

On top of that, these agencies don’t set prices; they just oversee them: so if you’re looking at an illegal site outside of your jurisdiction where there isn’t a regulator keeping tabs on things, then you’ll be paying more per bet, than if you were at a regulated site!

The Popularity Of Online Betting Is Growing

The popularity of online sports betting is growing, but you must be extra careful when choosing a site or app and ensure it’s legal where you live or travel.

Many online sports betting sites and apps offer users flexible schedules and easy access from anywhere at any time. You can bet on your favorite sports from the comfort of your own home! You might even make money from home with online sports betting if you’re lucky.

Online sports betting is entirely legal in some places. For example, suppose you live in Canada or Australia (and many other countries worldwide). In that case, playing games like poker or blackjack on your phone while waiting for a flight at the airport without any worries about legality issues is fine.*

Top Online Sports Betting Apps

Sports Betting Online

We have found seven highest-rated sports betting apps based on betting experience, ratings, bonuses, and promotions. Note that this online sports betting mobile app area are still developing, so your mileage may vary. In addition, your play may be limited due to local laws.  Listed in no particular order.

BetMGM Sportsbook

The BetMGM mobile app is your one-stop shop for all things sports betting. It’s a great way to get started with your first wager, and it’s also the perfect tool for seasoned bettors looking to make their next play.

With the BetMGM mobile app, you can access all the fun of sports betting while on the go. It’s available in most states with legal betting, so you can start playing immediately.

Draftkings Sports Book and Casino

This is an online sports betting app that lets you bet on your favorite teams and players. The Draftkings app is available on iOS and Android, so you can use it wherever you go. It’s free to download and easy to use—you don’t need special skills or training to get started!

BetRivers Sportsbook & Casino

This App is unusual as it offers individual apps based on the states in the app that will be used. Currently, there is a version for Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, Arizona,  Virginia, Colorado, Louisiana, and Iowa. 

For example, you can bet on Michigan’s Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, or other Midwest favorites. You can also bet on college football, including the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State. Spartans!

Caesars Sportsbook

This mobile app is your go-to destination for sports betting. It allows you to place bets on your favorite teams, leagues, or current events. You can also use the Caesars Sportsbook parlay calculator to see how much you stand to win on a particular bet.

The Caesars Sportsbook offers mobile sports betting in several US states, and the welcome bonus offer from the sportsbook can vary from state to state. Caesars Sportsbook is expected to launch in Ohio by January 1, 2023, and Caesars Sportsbook Massachusetts should be live in March 2023.

Apart from welcome bonuses, Caesars Sportsbook promotions include Play with the biggest, best promos, and earn Reward Credits® with every bet you place — win or lose. 

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino

FanDuel is one of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports, but they’re also a significant player in legal sports betting. Their mobile app gives you access to all the actions that you can find on their website.  FanDuel’s mobile app can bet on professional and college football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more. 

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet is a mobile-friendly online sportsbook that offers one of the most distinctive betting platforms in the US. PointsBet Sportsbook is the ONLY sportsbook to bring you traditional betting systems on all your favorite sports, including NFL, college football, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA, tennis, and more!


This is a casino and sports betting app built by players for players, and it’s become a trusted option in 2022. Starting as a gambling newsletter in Sweden has become one of the most counted on names in the international gambling market. While the interface of the Unibet app is not as flashy as some other sites, the breadth and depth of its betting markets are up there with the best of the legal US sports betting market.

Final Thoughts on Online Sports Betting

If you’re interested in online sports betting, it’s essential to do your research. Make sure you’re using an app or legal site where you live, and always read the reviews before signing up. You don’t want to get scammed!

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