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As one threads through the culinary fabric of Tampa, Florida, they inevitably stumble upon the rich tapestry that is Bern’s Steak House Tampa. Having etched itself as a vital cornerstone in Tampa’s heritage, Bern’s Steak House seamlessly combines tradition with a modern dining flair. Going beyond the mere definition of a restaurant, Bern’s Steak House has orchestrated unforgettable dining experiences since its inception. Known worldwide for its refined dining ambiance, a historical mark on Tampa’s dining plate, and a repertoire of mouth-watering steaks, this essay provides an in-depth exploration of the steak house known for excellence.

History of Bern’s Steak House

Beginnings of Bern’s Steak House in Tampa

The history of Bern’s Steak House in Tampa is rich and multifaceted. Established in 1956 by Bern and Gert Laxer, the original restaurant was a small, 12-seat luncheonette known as Bern and Gert’s Little Midway. The couple’s passion for culinary arts and dedication to service gradually transformed the modest establishment into an icon in the local and national dining scene.

Steak House Expansion and Reputation Building

Over time, the Laxers expanded their venue and relocated to a larger building in 1965. They initiated improvements such as meat cutting and a wine cellar on the premises, these enhancements adding to the restaurant’s distinctiveness and prestige. The legendary steak house is sought after for its dry-aged USDA prime steaks, caviar, an extensive dessert menu, and a wine list of over 6,800 selections – earning it numerous awards and the recognition of being one of the largest private wine collections in the world.

Continuing Family Legacy

Bern’s Steak House’s success and reputation are not only due to its exceptional food and wine but also to its commitment to maintaining the legacy of Bern and Gert Laxer. Their son, David Laxer took the helm in 1992 and has continued to enrich this heritage by instilling a deep respect for quality, customer service, and gastronomic knowledge among staff.

Hospitality Standards and Ethics

As an establishment, Bern’s Steak House has always prioritized setting the highest standards of hospitality. Rooted in the philosophy of creating “The Bern’s Experience” for every guest, the restaurant offers epicurean adventures beyond just dining. These include an optional tour of the kitchen and wine cellar and an invitation to the Harry Waugh Dessert Room, named in honor of a notable British wine connoisseur.

Environmental and Community Commitment

Moreover, Bern’s Steak House also possesses deep commitments to environmental sustainability and community participation. The restaurant’s eco-friendly initiatives include an on-site 1/2 acre farm and greenhouse for growing organic produce which is used in their menu, contributing to local food sustainability. The Laxer family also maintains active involvement in local philanthropy and community services, further solidifying Bern’s Steak House’s position as a cherished landmark in Tampa.

Awards and Honors

Throughout its history, Bern’s Steak House has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades both for its culinary prowess and its stellar wine collection. This includes being a recipient of the Wine Spectator Grand Award every year since 1981 and numerous mentions in major publications such as The New York Times, People Magazine, and more.

Over the past six decades, Bern’s Steak House in Tampa has illuminated the culinary landscape with its remarkable dining experience. Its exceptional food, unmatched service, and a robust commitment to the community and sustainability position it as a significant icon in both the local and national food scenes.

Unique Features of Bern’s Steak House

The Luxurious Atmosphere of Bern’s Steak House

At Tampa’s Bern’s Steak House, patrons are treated to an extraordinary high-end dining experience. As guests step into the establishment, they are greeted with an elegant environment filled with intricate decor reminiscent of classic Americana. The main dining room, decked in lavish red velvet, gleaming brass, and polished wood, exudes a sense of comfort suffused with sophistication, creating a conducive atmosphere for savoring their gourmet offering.

Bern’s Extensive Wine Collection

Perhaps one of the most astonishing features of Bern’s Steak House is its vast and impressive wine list. Claimed to be one of the largest privately owned wine collections in the world, it boasts over half a million bottles. The restaurant offers a plethora of wine options spanning various regions around the globe, with a dedicated team of sommeliers to guide you through the extensive selection. Whether you’re an intimate wine enthusiast or a broad explorer, you’ll find a selection that suits your tastes.

Bern’s Famous Dessert Room

The Bern’s Steak House dining experience would not be complete without a visit to their famous Dessert Room. Built inside former wine holding barrels, the unique dessert rooms have private booths providing an intimate setting for finishing off your meal. The hyped Harry Waugh Dessert Room offers an assortment of sweet treats, from their famous Macadamia Nut Ice Cream to their decadent Chocolate Cheese Pie. To accompany the delectable desserts, there’s an array of dessert wines, Ports, Sherries, Madeiras, and coffee specialities.

Creating a Unique Dining Experience

What cements Bern’s Steak House as a unique dining establishment in Tampa is the harmonious blend of these distinctive features. The upscale interior design builds anticipation, the extensive wine collection meets and exceeds expectations, and the renowned Dessert Room culminates the evening in a finale of sweet delights. This carefully crafted dining experience ensures customers leave with unforgettable memories.

Attention to Specialty Diets

Bern’s Steak House goes above and beyond to cater to every customer’s dietary requirements and preferences. The menu also incorporates options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets. They provide detailed information about the ingredients in their dishes to ensure transparency and improve customer experience. This thoughtfulness is another reason for the restaurant’s unique appeal to its clientele.

Exceptional Tour Experiences at Bern’s Steak House

Bern’s Steak House, a sought-after destination among food connoisseurs in Tampa, promises an unmatched dining experience. It sets itself apart from typical establishments by offering immersive guided tours of their kitchen and wine cellar. Providing a unique opportunity to peek into the heart of their operations, guests can marvel at the intricate process that goes into the preparation of their meals and the careful organization of the extensive wine collection. The attention to detail that Bern’s puts into every aspect of the dining experience is truly commendable.

Diverse Menu Selections at Bern’s Steak House

As expected from a prestigious place like Bern’s Steak House, the menu offers a variety of delectable fare, with top-quality steaks being the centerpiece. These exquisitely aged and trimmed cuts are sourced from their own farm, setting them apart in terms of rich, unbeatable flavor. The steakhouse takes pride in serving a range of supreme cuts including Delmonico, Chateaubriand, Porterhouse, T-bone, and sirloin.

Complementing their steak, the restaurant provides a plethora of appetizers and side dishes. From Oysters Rockefeller and Baked Clams Casino to Foie Gras Mousse; and a range of fresh vegetables, different types of potatoes, to delightfully presented onion rings – each dish impeccably maintains the vibe of elevated dining that Bern’s is famous for.

Apart from steaks, another exceptional facet of Bern’s menu is their extensive seafood selection. Guests can relish delicacies like Hawaiian Ahi Tuna, Wild Alaskan King Crab Legs, Australian Lobster Tails, and Florida Pompano. Each dish is prepared using locally-sourced ingredients with a unique twist, adding to the rich sea fare experience.

Not to forget, Bern’s impressive assortment of housemade sauces that enhance their steak and seafood offerings. From signature Bern’s steak sauce, béarnaise, au poivre for steaks, to tartar sauce, traditional lobster bisque, and creamy butter sauce for seafood – every bite promises a burst of flavor.

The remarkable culinary adventure at Bern’s Steak House is bound to leave a lasting impression on any fine dining aficionado.

Bern’s Steak House and its Farm-to-Table Approach

At the heart of Bern’s Steak House in Tampa is a solid “farm-to-table” philosophy. In practice, this belief means the establishment directly sources its produce from farms, bypassing any intensely processed food systems. Not only does the restaurant raise its cattle, but it also cultivates many of the herbs and vegetables used in their dishes on its farm.

Key to this concept is the assurance of quality and freshness. By overseeing the process from farm to table, Bern’s Steak House can guarantee a dining experience characterized by superior quality and unrivaled freshness. This approach also contributes to supporting the local farming industry and reducing ‘food miles’ as it encourages the use of local produce and diminishes the need for extensive travel or retail involvement.

In addition to this, the restaurant prioritizes health, serving organic vegetables and hormone- and antibiotic-free meat. This is a crucial consideration for modern consumers who not only value exquisite taste and presentation but are also increasingly concerned about their food’s health impact.

Through its dedication to this philosophy, Bern’s Steak House not only promises a top-notch dining experience, but it also champions a practice beneficial to the local community and the environment.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Bern's Steak House Tampa

Exquisite Dining at Bern’s Steak House

The exceptional food quality at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa consistently impresses patrons. The restaurant’s fame mainly revolves around its premium, dry-aged steaks, which are skillfully cooked on a unique charcoal broiler. Many would argue that a visit to Bern’s Steak House isn’t complete without indulging in their renowned Chateaubriand steak.

However, the menu’s diversity receives equal adoration – from a substantial selection of seafood options, an array of other meats, and expansive sides, to vegetarian alternatives. The dessert room is another highlight, boasting delectable cakes, pastries, and a commendable assortment of wines and cheeses, to perfectly round off the dining experience.

Service and Atmosphere

Bern’s is commended not only for its food but also for its service and overall environment. The staff is often described as attentive, informative, and professional. Many customers mention that the waitstaff enhances their dining experience by providing detailed explanations of their food’s preparation and origin.

The restaurant’s ambiance adds to the luxurious dining experience. Set in a building resembling an expansive wine cellar, the rich, dark, and classic décor, combined with the intimate lighting, has led customers to describe it as warm, comfortable, and charming.

Bern’s also offer a unique touch after dinner, with patrons offered a chance to tour the kitchen and the massive wine cellar, which is a distinctive feature lauded by many reviewers.

Consistently High Ratings

Bern’s Steak House in Tampa consistently receives high ratings on various review platforms. On the popular restaurant review site TripAdvisor, Bern’s Steak House has a 4.5 rating out of 5 based on over 4000 reviews. On Yelp, it has a 4-star rating based on over 2000 reviews.

The restaurant also boasts numerous recognitions and awards. It has appeared on the annual Wine Spectator’s Grand Award winners list every year since 1981. In 2020, it made the list of the top 10 steak houses in the US, compiled by the prestigious Robb Report, and in 2016 it was voted as the best steakhouse in the country by the Daily Meal.

Some Areas of Improvement

While the majority of customers have a positive experience, there are areas where some feel Bern’s could improve. A minority of reviewers mention that the portion sizes can be a bit overwhelming and the price on the higher end. There have also been occasional comments about the interior being dated, and a few customers have mentioned that the service, while overall exceptional, can sometimes feel rushed. Despite these observations, most diners feel that the quality of the food and the unique experience justify the price and any minor inconveniences.

Despite the occasional critique, Bern’s Steak House appears to maintain a long-standing tradition of dining excellence, ushered by a potent blend of flavorful food, excellent service, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. This is evident in the testimonies of generations of satisfied customers and the continuous flow of newcomers eager to enjoy a dining experience at this Tampa landmark.

Final Thoughts Of Bern’s Steak House Tampa

After delving into the history, unique features, comprehensive menu, and customer reviews of Bern’s Steak House, it becomes abundantly clear why this institution continues to enjoy considerable acclaim in Tampa and beyond. With its dedication to quality and a unique dining experience, it has raised the bar for establishments not only in Tampa but aligning with international dining standards. Amid the changing tides of dining trends, Bern’s Steak House stands a culinary lighthouse, steadfast in its commitment to providing an outstanding gastronomic adventure whilst creating memories that last a lifetime.

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