July 16, 2024
Notre Dame Stadium

Normal Reviews About Notre Dame Stadium

Description: College football game days at Notre Dame are some of the best in the country. The crowd’s excitement before the game at the Irish Green, where tailgaters are pounding drinks like it’s their job, is out of this world!

Positive review

My brother is a graduate, so I’ve been there three times. A holy place for sports in the U.S. The building is very old. We don’t have LCD HD scoreboards. No beer, either. Damn NCAA!

It’s hard to park there. Definitely, you need to get there early.

Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve had great views. All of the seats are bench seats from the past. Like I said, old-school. In the men’s room, the urinals are the old-style trough. Why did that ever get so popular?

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I haven’t tried much food there, but I’m happy to say that they have Dippin’ Dots! Fighting Irish Crunch, a tasty mix of caramel corn, chocolate, and mint chocolate, can be bought at a bookstore and eaten as a snack.

I had a few “take it in, remember this” moments near the end of the game. A great time for anyone who loves American sports.

Negative review

College football game days at Notre Dame are some of the best in the country. The crowd’s excitement before the game at the Irish Green, where tailgaters are pounding drinks like it’s their job, is out of this world!

The stadium is on the same level as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. There is a lot of history and tradition, but the infrastructure is old. When the seats were put in, the average Notre Dame fan was 5 feet 6 inches tall and 145 pounds. Since the average Domer is now 6’2″ and 230 pounds, seats are at best tight. Be ready to stand up for the whole game. My 9-year-old son made it through the first half before he got restless and wanted to leave. I can see how it would feel to be 4 feet tall and surrounded by tall people.

In the end, I’d do Notre Dame over and over again. We had a great time, but you should know what to expect at the stadium.

Mixed review

Oh my GOD So many people like this stadium? I can’t believe it. What is it? Awesome. The school? Beautiful. Even though there were way too many of them, did the people know that? All of it is nice. A pleasure to spend time with.

The actual stadium? Notre Dame ‘total experience’ aside? The worst thing ever. I mean awful. These seats were made for skinny models on the catwalk. I also know that the fans are not anorexic. In fact, they seem to enjoy their food a lot. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I spent the whole game with my arms propped up on the knees of the people behind me. Even if we had known that you could pay extra for a dirty-looking cushion, there just wouldn’t have been enough room. Get a bigger stadium. You’ve got the fans (and the money) to prove it.

Long review

As a third-generation Domer, I have many great memories of watching games at Notre Dame Stadium as a child, a student, and now as a graduate.

If you like college football and don’t hate Notre Dame, you should go to a game in South Bend. You won’t be sorry.

1) The past. When deciding how to build or expand buildings on campus, the University gives a lot of weight to tradition. The stadium is a great example of this. When they decided to update it in the late 1990s, they didn’t tear it down but instead built around and on top of it. Fans can learn a lot about the past from it.

2) The band that marched. The Notre Dame marching band is the oldest marching band in the country. They can’t break it down like Grambling or Southern (it’s funny/painful to watch them try to “dance”), but they are very talented musicians and their half-time shows are always very well put together.

3) The Doorkeepers. On game day, the people who work at the stadium are without a doubt the nicest people I’ve ever met at a sports event. All of the ushers look like they are retired, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they all love Notre Dame so much that they chose to spend their retirement in South Bend and work for the University. When you enter the stadium, the people who take your tickets usually say “Welcome to Notre Dame” or “Enjoy the game today” to each fan. People in the seating area laugh and smile at the fans as they show them where to sit.

4) The people who work in the kitchen. Most of the people working in the concession areas are volunteers. People here are very nice and work quickly, so you don’t miss much of the game when you go to get snacks. They always look like they’re having a great time. The only strange thing is that they give 50-cent pieces as change. I get that it’s faster than counting out other coin combinations, but what are you going to do with a 50-cent piece? This coin won’t work in vending machines or laundry machines.

5) Good Soda from the Fountain. Plus, it comes with a souvenir cup!

6) The seats: I’ve seen games from almost every angle, from the highest seats in the new part of the stadium to the seats in the end zone that are right on the field. There isn’t a bad place to sit in the house. Note, though, that the way the seats, rows, and sections are labeled always causes confusion. It’s a good thing the ushers are so friendly, though.

7) The crowd: I love that die-hard Notre Dame fans always have hope that their team will win and that they cheer with so much passion. I love how funny the Leprechaun and cheerleaders are, how there are cheers for almost every part of the game, and how when the Irish score, fans jump into the air to do “push-ups.”

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